Pija Hocevar

International flute music studio –where music becomes

YOUR music. 

 “No man can be a good teacher unless he has feelings of warm affection toward his pupils and a genuine desire to impart to them what he believes to be of value.”   ~ Bertrand Russell


My pedagogical path began already in my student years, however, the latter began to build on after graduation, and shortly afterwards, all the hard work start to pay off. Some of the pupils are wining the highest places on the competitions, when the others are nurturing and maintaining their love for music in amateur groups – classical or/and other genres. The latter one is the most rewarding, because my goal is to educate in breadth, to search and develop a “voice” and ideas of each individual. I love to joke, that I want to teach children in such a way, that they’ll become addicted to it. What is not far from the truth, because music itself is so beautiful, so my job is just to direct a pupil to the road of persistence, patience and regular (high-quality) practice, and the rest of “magic” follows. The pleasure and joy are guaranteed.

Flute lessons are always educational and fun adventure, never the same, with lots of musical games, beautiful compositions in various styles (classical, jazz, pop, blues, folk, ..), combined with improvisation and enriched with principles of Edgar Willems music pedagogy. 

I believe that everyone has a gift for music, you just have to find the right door, to unleash the potential. To unleash your freedom and joy. I will be very happy, to help you find and open the right one!«