Scotland – a land of colors (part 5)

Guidbye, Scotland <3 What makes this world beautiful? Are those free moments, spent on a bench in a park, breathing fresh air, exposing the ears to the peaceful sounds, letting skin absorb the warmth of the sun? Yes. The latter ones are the moments I enjoy most, when I’m travelling. Thursday afternoon, Perth – I […]

Scotland – a land of colors (part 4)

Perth and Dundee My trip continued to Perth. The latter one was almost cancelled, after I met two Slovenians, who almost convinced me to go to Isle Skye. I haven’t had enough budget for that dream trip, but at least I got a new idea for the next visit =)  In 1h20, with National Express, […]

Scotland – a land of colors (part 3)

Scottish highlands My 3rd day in Scotland was like a Kinder surprise. Everyone is talking about its greatness and enjoyment, but at the end, you have to try it yourself. To be clear, everyone praises Scottish highlands so I was searching for the opportunity to get there. With a help of my two new friends, […]

Scotland – a land of colors (part 2)

Glasgow The next morning, after well spent day in Edinburgh, I was heading to the 2nd town. Walking through the city, with no people and traffic, seeing it from a different perspective, was magical.  . . Finding the bus station was no problem and there was the 1st time I experienced, that I could “sell […]

Scotland – a land of colors (part 1)

Oh, Edinburgh! <3   July 27th and I’m on my way to the airport, again, after 3 lovely days spent in Slovenia. This time, I took the other low cost transfer, EasyDrive, which is even cheaper than the famous GoOpti. I made a new friend already at the main bus station, while waiting for the […]