A land, that stole my heart (part 3)

Taormina and Messina   It was fresh Sunday morning, when Lamberto took me back to Siracusa, because there was no public transport available that day. Having enough time, ’till my bus departure to the next place – Taormina, I walked trough the streets of Ortigia Island, enjoyed the morning stillness, a beautiful little details in […]

A land, that stole my heart (part 2)

Siracusa and Palazzolo Acreide – unforgettable days in the Sicilian countryside   The next morning after Etna, I was heading towards Siracusa, one of the sweetest towns on the East Sicilian coast. Luckily I already knew, where to go to buy my ticket (AST bus), and there I was, already on my way. If you […]

A land, that stole my heart (part 1)

Sicilian trip – Catania & Etna (Amore mio!) My trip started with an early departure from Ljubljana, where a GoOpti driver (low cost transfer) greeted me with a smile. Good vibes spreading everywhere, caused that we talked all the way to the Trieste aiport, like best buddies. We both agreed, that Italians do know, how […]

A land, that stole my heart (introduction)

Unplanned trip to Sicily It was the end of June ’18, when I normally have finished plan for summer activities, but this year’s energies in the air were confusing. My first plan was to repeat the 4 – weeks trip story (last year I travelled for 4 weeks trough whole Balkan and loved it!) in […]