Guidbye, Scotland <3

What makes this world beautiful? Are those free moments, spent on a bench in a park, breathing fresh air, exposing the ears to the peaceful sounds, letting skin absorb the warmth of the sun? Yes. The latter ones are the moments I enjoy most, when I’m travelling.

Thursday afternoon, Perth – I just finished writing my travel diary, when my bus connection finally arrived. With mixed feelings, knowing that in a few hours I’m leaving Scotland, but in two hours I’m also seeing my good friend, I drove to Glasgow.

Later that day I was greeted with a big smile and shiny eyes, like I used to know and was remembered. Darren is one of very few people, for who I’m sure, we’ll stay friends for life. We met last year, when I was on a 4 week long Balkan trip, in Skopje, Macedonia. He was the first one, who I actually saw writing down the travel diary, but when we start to speak, there were no boundaries. Sharing the same profession, curiosity and an open mind, well you can imagine the vividness of our conversation(s). 😉

For the first time I tried a meal in a Malaysian restaurant, Satu Satu, located in Glasgow. The only advice is – go there and try as much as possible. Well, for that you’ll need two or more visits, but it’s worth! 😉  After the dinner, my favourite “taxi driver” took me to Glasgow University, which I didn’t check when walking sightseeing. Wow! I couldn’t stop staring, how big the building was, and the style of architecture was breathtaking. Even the surrounding streets are University streets, where the various departments are located.

The University of Glasgow is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities. It was founded in 1451. Alumni or former staff of the University include James Wilson (a founding father of the United States), philosopher Francis Hutcheson, engineer James Watt, philosopher and economist Adam Smith, physicist Lord Kelvin, surgeon Joseph Lister, seven Nobel laureates, and three British Prime Ministers.


The two photos are unfortunately not mine, because I was busy being amazed, but I still want You to imagine, what am I talking about. And I thought (freshman year), that Ljubljana’s university is big. Compared to this one, it’s 5% of it 🙂

Later that evening, I got better insight into  Scottish culture and let me share a bit:

  • scottish music, whatever the genre is, is simply amazing. Especially if you like all the genres, then you’ll have extra fun!
Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces :
The Waterboys- Raggle Taggle Gypsy :
Christy Moore – Vive La Quinte Brigada :
Steve Earle – Galway Girl :
  • Robert Burns – was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide.
  • a sweet evening drink, for better sleep – boil some water, put it in a cup, add a bit of rum and honey (if you wish). Guid nicht! 😉

Hundreds of stories came alive that evening, from travelling, life experiences, wishes, … It all reminded me again, why I love so much to travel. Not just because of the views, cities, food, landscapes, culture, but people, they are the most important! And the fact, that you’re growing as a person, is the most rewarding.

The beauty sleep was a bit short, talked till 3.00, but effective, the “rum-water” drink worked 😉 We went to Tibo for a traditional Scottish breakfast, and weren’t disappointed at all.

Before my flight departure, my very own local guide took me to the beautiful Botanic gardens, where we enjoyed the last Scottish moments. Well, for now 😉






With love, Pija


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