Perth and Dundee

My trip continued to Perth. The latter one was almost cancelled, after I met two Slovenians, who almost convinced me to go to Isle Skye. I haven’t had enough budget for that dream trip, but at least I got a new idea for the next visit =)  In 1h20, with National Express, I arrived to Perth. Used to walking, I went straight to the Youth hostel, where I was greeted by a very nice receptionist, who also (once again) thought,  I’m Scottish :)) Man, if my  2nd mother tongue would be English, I would have so much fun 😉

One more time, I was lucky to be checked in earlier, and this time I had a luxury for a cheap price with a view. Being tired after a few intense days of walking, I enjoyed some (power) napping and in the afternoon I went sightseeing.

Nicely, small town, with the houses quite similar to the Dutch architecture, where I studied and firstly fell in love of how beautiful, elegant and simple they looked like.

Perth, is a historic city set beside the beautiful River Tay.

One of the many churches – St. Leonard’s in the Fields

The Black Watch Castle & Museum tells the story of Scotland’s elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.

I was walking towards the train station, when I saw this beauty. Next time, I’m staying here #perthstationhotel   🙂

David Annand’s sculpture Nae Day Sae Dark; 

The Ring sculpture, by David Annand, on the High Street is one of Perth’s best-loved pieces of public art. It depicts a blindfolded man and his enigmatic companion. The two figures represent happiness and misery.
The Ring was inspired by the Perth poet William Souter’s famous poem “Nae Day Sae Dark” and the poem is inscribed inside the ring of the sculpture. Both the poem and the sculpture remind us that however overpowering the dark, a glint of light will appear and even in the deepest despair, hope will always win through.

The Fair Maid of Perth – the sculpture comprises the form of Sir Walter Scott’s heroine seated on a bench, with a book on her lap. The Fair Maid of Perth is a novel by Sir Walter Scott. Inspired by the strange, but historically true, story of the Battle of the North Inch, it is set in Perth (– known at the time as Saint John’s Toun, i.e. John’s Town ) and other parts of Scotland around 1400.


The 2nd day, curious to see something else, I bought a train ticket and did a day trip to Dundee. The views from a train window were stunning; arriving to the town, I noticed many penguin statues standing on various spots. That’s why –>  <3

















Dundee is Scotland’s fourth-largest city and the 51st-most-populous built-up area in the United Kingdom.

Lemmings Statues – In a small, pretty park in Dundee, Scotland, you could easily miss three bronze lemmings in varying stages of climbing onto a statue and peeping out from the top. The statues are dedicated to the early ’90s video game Lemmings, which was a runaway hit. The game was produced in a studio right near the statue.

I really enjoyed walking trough Victoria’s park.

Mills Observatory,  is built upon the summit of the wooded Balgay Hill, in Balgay Park, It is the first purpose-built public astronomical observatory in the UK.

Be sure, to check the opening times. When I arrived there, I didn’t know, it was actually closed, but the doors were open and two caretakers were there, so I bravely entered and had a short sightseeing. A very nice lady was surprised to see me there, told me that they’re closed, but still took a few minutes to tell me a few facts about the observatory. How lucky am I 🙂

Walking down the Dundee’s streets

Desperate Dan’s statue – Dan is a wild west character in the British comic magazine The Dandy and has become their mascot. He made his appearance in the first issue which was dated 4 December 1937. He is apparently the world’s strongest man, able to lift a cow with one hand.

McManus Galleries is a Gothic Revival-style building, located in the centre of Dundee, Scotland. The building houses a museum and art gallery with a collection of fine and decorative art as well as a natural history collection.

Dundee’s city centre

Spreading positive vibes 🙂 🙂 🙂


Before heading back to Glasgow, to meet my good friend, I captured the last shots of beautiful Perth on a sunny day. You gotta love green <3







With love, Pija


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