The next morning, after well spent day in Edinburgh, I was heading to the 2nd town. Walking through the city, with no people and traffic, seeing it from a different perspective, was magical.  . . Finding the bus station was no problem and there was the 1st time I experienced, that I could “sell myself” as Scottish. I wasn’t sure, if my electronic version of the ticket (bus Citylink 900) was enough, because sometimes the physical ticket is needed as well, so I walked to the ticket controller. As I started to speak, his first question was, where I’m coming from. Telling him my origin, he didn’t believe me and looked at my face surprised. There were many times in the past, when I was travelling around, that I wished I could speak well (all) the languages, where they thought, I’m local. Hmm, I still have about 60 yrs minimum, to use my time wisely. . . 😉

After a short ride (approx. 1,20h), we arrived in Glasgow, which is the largest city in Scotland and is situated on a river Clyde. First, I left my luggage at the Euro hostel and a few moments later, I was following the google maps suggestions for sightseeing points. Well, first attempts weren’t interesting at all, but then I luckily got lost and found a way to the Glasgow green‘s park. Beautiful, peaceful park, with Nelson’s monument, People’s Palace, Doulton’s fountain..

River Clyde

Street art in Glasgow is fabulous

McLennan Arch and William Collins fountain in Glasgow Green

The Doulton Fountain

– below the crowning figure of the Queen by John Broad are four kneeling maidens emptying pitchers, and beneath them are sentries representing Scottish, English and Irish regiments, along with a sailor representing the Royal Navy. Below these are four allegorical groups representing Canada, South Africa, Australia and India.

Street view in Glasgow

One of the best in Glasgow <3

Beautiful Glasgow Cathedral, also called High Kirk of Glasgow

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

Glasgow has 3 universities, this is one of them

Of course I had to check the music academy 🙂


Walking further, I noticed, that people put lots of effort into the decoration of the houses with many flowers. It is wonderfully enriching the vividness, because the weather is quite dreary and therefore the greyness would have an even bigger impact on the people, living there.


After my check in, I’ve met my first roommate, who motivated me, to go back down to ask for a bed change – I feel quite insecure to sleep on the upper bunk bed, so I went down to ask, but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Coming back to the dorm, I’ve met another roommate who got a bed under me, but liked it as much as me, so no possible change. But, what was the best, is that the three of us bonded! :)) Slovenian, Australian and American, all 3 positive, open minded and a bit nuts. Awesome!


Later that evening, we enjoyed a dinner and tasty beers in a sweet place called Doghouse Merchant City. But afterwards, not having luck finding a place with live music, we went back to the hostel, where we decided to find a “secret garden”, which was hidden somewhere inside the building. Well, we got lost many times, trying to find the right door.. And then I took the lead, so we’ve found emergency stairs, but I forgot to pay an attention to the markings (only staff allowed). I got a good feeling that we’re in the right direction, when we suddenly heard someone shouting. It was angry receptionist, speaking to us in too fast Scottish English. Whoops! 😀  We turned on the fire alarm, and because of that, we weren’t allowed to go to the secret garden. Disappointed, sad, but still laughing inside from all the adrenaline, we went back to the dorm, to laugh some more, before the next amazing day… 🙂





With love, Pija


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