Oh, Edinburgh! <3


July 27th and I’m on my way to the airport, again, after 3 lovely days spent in Slovenia. This time, I took the other low cost transfer, EasyDrive, which is even cheaper than the famous GoOpti. I made a new friend already at the main bus station, while waiting for the departure. A nice French guy, who lives and works in Slovenia, was sharing his experiences of living in our country, the difficulties of learning our lovely language , while making me laugh with “fhench inglish”. They’re fantastic, when they speak! 🙂

A ride to the airport, was thanks to the passengers and the driver, very pleasant and fast. After my check in, the airport was crowded with people. Our flight was the last one and delayed so woohoo! While checking for a free seat, my eyes caught a familiar face. Getting closer, and I was already greeting in Slovenian “Ojla Urša!”. It was a girl, travelling with her friend Goga, who I met a month before on the afterparty of woodwind orchestras. We’re both flutists, so of course we connected immediately (that’s more of an exception). Besides, we’re coming from two different parts of Slovenia, what I guess is helping us getting along – you see, we’re both coming from south, where kind and generous people live, who also produce fantastic wines and local food, but luckily a high mountain range Gorjanci is dividing us, so we can’t hear them making fun of our excellent wine Cviček, but we’re always delighted to taste their wonderful belokranjska pogača in all its versions. 🙂

To live in a small country, like Slovenia, where you can be in 1h practically everywhere (if the capital is your starting point) and the longest ride is I guess less than 3 hours, means that we’re used to short trips. Well, this flight to Edinburgh just didn’t want to end; after 1,30h we were close to London, but the realization of how big is the Great Britain, left me with accepting the fact, that we still need 1h to land. Everyone was sleeping but me, that sucks. Especially when you know, that the night will be spent at the airport. Quarter past midnight, we landed and the weather didn’t disappoint. Soft, gentle rain with a light breeze and funny English speaking people welcomed us.

After another checking, since Brexit, the security check is much more precise, I luckily found a free bench, which was my new uncomfortable bed for the rest of the night.

From the airport to Edinburgh goes the double-decker Airlink bus 100 (£4.50), which takes 30min to the city centre. During the ride, observing the surroundings, my jaw almost fell off. Vivid colours and breathtaking architecture, I though I got lost in a Harry Potter’s movie!

Leaving my luggage in the nice Cowgate hostel, I went for a sightseeing tour. I hardly controlled myself not to walk with an open mouth around 🙂 Such a beautiful city! Mysterious, charming, lively.


(Mainly) all the buildings are decorated with flowers


Edinburgh castle


Charming Princes Street Garden


Delicious Scottish Caramel Shortbread with fantastic Edinburgh’s black tea


Walking down the street, enjoying. . .


Scott Monument is a Victorian Gothic monument to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott


Calton Hill, under UNESCO protection


Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official resicende in Edinburgh and the home of Scottish royal history


Scottish Parliament






With love, Pija


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