Taormina and Messina


It was fresh Sunday morning, when Lamberto took me back to Siracusa, because there was no public transport available that day. Having enough time, ’till my bus departure to the next place – Taormina, I walked trough the streets of Ortigia Island, enjoyed the morning stillness, a beautiful little details in each of them.. Simply charming.

One hour later,I caught a bus to Catania (Interbus), where I switched for another one to Taormina. The latter was crowded and I didn’t know,  this was already a “quiet” preparation for what comes next. In less than 2h we finally arrived at the destination, hot, crowded, but … beautiful.

This time I stayed in a hostel YHA Cohen, and once again, I was too early to check in. So at around 11:30, one could see Pija walking firmly up the hill, with a backpack almost as big as she and curiously observing the surroundings.

Entering the gate of the old town, I could enjoy looking at beautiful apartments, their balconies of all shapes, colours, decorated with many flowers. The street is closed for traffic, offering many shops and restaurants and small, sweet hidden streets, to avoid the stress and heat of the main one.

Stunning Piazza IX Aprile

Small, sweet, hidden little streets in Taormina

It was a big shock, coming from a peaceful countryside to one of the most touristic cities in Sicily, but hey, jing-jang, everything has its good and bad side. Anyway, I was curious about the food, so first I found a place with cannoli; well, there’s no comparison with the one’s from Corsino in Palazzolo Acreide, which are divine. For lunch, I’ve chosen a nearby restaurant Il Gabbiano, which had a fantastic view directly to the sea and beautiful Isola Bella, the pearl of the Ionian sea. Well, if you have enough energy to walk a bit further and are hungry, go elsewhere.

Later that day, after check in and afternoon a-must nap, just 4 min of walking down of too many stairs, I’ve found a great spot on the beach. It was around 17:30, so the sun was more gentle and less people on the beach. The water was fantastic – clean and warm, just a big problem for tall people – you have to walk a bit further and try not to hit each rock on the way like I did. And I swear, I wasn’t collecting any points* 😉

*lots of times, I’m joking with my friends, while driving, that we could hit this and that to collect some extra points. Sometimes, I want to live the game in a real life 😉

Panoramic view of Taormina’s seaside

Isola Bella on Monday morning <3



My last city, which I visited next morning,  was Messina. It is the third largest city on the island of Sicily.

It is an interesting city, which offers a lot to see – so many preserved buildings, fountains, walking up to the Sacrario di Cristo Re, a votive temple built in Sicilian Baroque style and on higher ground, elevated from the street, offer an amazing panoramic view of Messina and Italian mainland, Reggio Calabria.

That’s me, taking a break on the stairs of  the Temple 😉

Panoramic view of Messina, Reggio Calabria in the background.


Bella Sicilia, amore mio! I am looking forward to our next meeting, but ’till then, keep my heart safe *





With love, Pija


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