Unplanned trip to Sicily

It was the end of June ’18, when I normally have finished plan for summer activities, but this year’s energies in the air were confusing. My first plan was to repeat the 4 – weeks trip story (last year I travelled for 4 weeks trough whole Balkan and loved it!) in various countries or to focus on just one. From that idea I finalized the Romania and Czech republic trip. But then somehow had problems with finances and finding a proper accomodation – I travel on budget, because I want to see, experience and get to know the country, people and their culture on different level. I did a bit of digging but after a few hours I couldn’t find good solutions and went straight to plan B. Which actually didn’t exist 😀

What I did next, was the best click ever – Ryanair – and search for the cheapest flight from surrounding cities. On my to do list is still whole Italy trip, but for just 80€ I got the flight from Trieste to Catania. And BAM! Reservation made. You should see me, I had the biggest smile on my face :))

But, since I (foolishly) did a reservation for just one week in Sicily, I still had some days free, so if I go for one week to south I should go one week to the north, I said to myself. And another click happened. Reservation to Edinburgh and Scotland made! 🙂 You should see my face now! I was the happiest person on the planet, who will visit two amazing places, for too short periods, but that doesn’t matter. I go! I’ll see! I’ll experience and learn new things, well, that’s a drug for me 🙂

So, the next time you’ll read me, it will be about my amazing time in Sicily, and why I call it a land, that stole my heart.



With love, Pija


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