Today is the day!


I said too many times to myself. But like any other idea, this one too, needed some time and courage to make it happen.

As you could see and read trough my whole website, I am a musician who loves to travel, explore, learn and most of all, to live my life to the fullest and selflessly share my experiences and knowledge to the people, who are willing to listen 🙂

They say, travelling is the only thing that you can buy and it makes you richer – it is that simple. You just gotta go, so your wings can get that wind, which is so much needed for search, finding and developing the better yourself. We have just one life, and isn’t fair enough, to live it your own way?

In the following posts I can’t wait, to share my thoughts about past  trips, wanderings, explorings and I sincerely hope, that You, who are reading this right now, will find a stimulation, to pack a few of your things and go look around that corner – which can be a mile or thousands of them away. As far as you feel like it. Just go! Explore! Live! And don’t forget to smile! 😉

With love, Pija



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